Monday, September 26, 2005

Important Show This Week About "The Choking Game"

If you haven't heard of it, chances are your kids have. We have been very attuned to the growing public discussion around this very dangerous game because one of our sister's nephews died while playing it.

Gabe Mordecai, 13 years old, was found by his twin brother Sam. Gabe had shut off the oxygen to his brain to get a sort of high, Kauffman explains. Other names for "The Choking Game" include "Fainting Game," "Passing-Out Game," even "Space Monkey."

Sam says he and his brother had played it several times: "It's hard to describe how it feels. It's kinda like, just, like, somewhere not on earth, but you're just dreaming, kind of. But then it only lasts for a few seconds and when you wake up … you don't know where you are or what's going on."

Sarah, Gabe's mother, has been working very hard since May to bring this game to the attention of parents and teachers. She has been on CBS The Early Show and has even started her own website to get the information out to other parents and teachers.

She will be on Dr. Phil this coming Tuesday September 27, 2005 CBS - check local listings (4:00pm in Los Angeles)


Blogger Editors of Pauline Books and Media said...

Blogger's note: I am transferring this comment from this post on our old blog to here because it is another contact with a mother who has suffered the death of a child to "The Choking Game." Please note website.

Thank you for sharing this on your blog. My son also died from the "choking game" 10 months ago at age 16. Awareness needs to continue to be brought forward on this. I never heard of this. We homeschool our children, and yet he learned of this. Warn your friends and parents of kids. It's a deadly game.

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